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Dear Friend,

Have you ever tried to make money online, but failed miserably? Or bought product after product, system after system – and still struggled to make your first commission?

If so, this special report is for you. After surveying some of my subscribers, I discovered the #1 problem people are facing is they just haven’t broken through yet and earned their first commission.

So here’s my promise to you:

By the time you read my two blogs, you’ll understand my 7 step process for building an online business that allows you to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

You’ll be able to:

Earn a commission online (real money) – even if you have never made a dime online before.

Understand how to do it over again so you never have to “depend” on anybody or anything. Take control of your future and write your own ticket.

Scale and multiply your income. How to go from making a single sale to earning a full time income.

Before I get into the steps, I want tell you a quick story.


It all started a few years ago.

I was tired, but my plan just wasn’t enough to support my lifestyle.

So I turned to the internet for ideas.

I joined opportunity after opportunity, never making any sales. I would work day and night trying to figure it out.

Then one day, I experienced something amazing.

My first commission. As soon as I saw those 1’s and 0’s on my computer screen, the game changed and I started making sales over and over again.

The big break for me was realizing all it takes for someone to start getting results is following a proven system. That’s why I created this report.

I want to share my proven formula for creating massive results online, and give you access to a proven program that can have you earning huge commissions today. I will reveal the first 3 steps for building a system that converts traffic in this post, and in the next one I will teach you how to get massive traffic into the system and scale your profits.

Here is how the 7 step Internet Success Formula works:


The first step is identifying a market or “niche” to go into.
This is a group of people who have problems that will pay you to solve them.

I once read that the greatest money making secret formula in the world goes like this:

Find HOT, HUNGRY target (niche) market first!
Find out EXACTLY what they ALREADY want!
Sell them EXACTLY what they ALREADY want!

This formula is the cheapest, safest, lowest risk, fastest results, most cash flow. It allows you to generate the highest front end profits, and the most back end sales, with the highest lifetime values of a customer.

Here are the characteristics of hot target markets:

They are ALREADY:

  • Passionate
  • Irrational
  • Have money
  • Proven repeat buyers
  • Addicted to buying
  • Reachable by paid advertising
  • Already interested
  • Already motivated

Now while that sounds like a lot of stuff, but there are a TON of marketers like this.

You will always start off by finding a niche.


The truth is, making money online is as simple finding a market, getting an offer and putting it in front of your audience.

Most ‘Gurus’ and marketers try to convince you otherwise.

If you want to make $10,000 per month, you can sell 100 products at $100 each or 10 products at $1000 each.

You can find a product to sell by going to clickbank.com, browsing the marketplace and choosing to promote someone else’s digital product as an affiliate.

Being an affiliate is where you promote somebody else’s offer in return for a commission. You don’t have to create the product or sales page yourself, and can earn between 30% and 70% commission for every sale.

You can also create your own product and list it on a marketplace like clickbank.com or JVzoo.com.

Finally, you can join a SYSTEM that has an entire suite of products, where you promote the first product and earn commissions when the system sells those customers all of their other products too.

This is the sweet spot! You can earn commissions on an entire range of products when you sign up for this free 14 day program.


Once you have a target market and an offer to sell, things start getting a lot more interesting.
You need to build a ‘conversion system’. A system that captures leads, presents your offer and converts those leads into SALES. Otherwise called a sales funnel.

In the past, people were taught to just send people to a sales letter.

If you sign up to promote other people’s products, you’re usually just given a link that looks like this:

They say just send people to your link and you’ll get commissions when someone you send buys.
Sounds cool…

But the truth is, things have become a little more complicated. Thanks to an over-saturation of people doing this, it’s become more difficult to make sales by driving people directly to an affiliate link.

If you’ve ever failed to make sales promoting affiliate offers or a home business; you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

The solution? Build your own custom sales funnel.

To get started you only need to do 2 things:

#1) Create a Lead Capture page that brands you.

Instead of sending people to somebody else’s lead capture page or worse; sending people directly to a sales page; create your own.

But not just any capture page, create a capture page that is about you or your business and positions you as an authority and expert in your niche.

Ideally, your capture page should offer something of immense value for free, in return for a visitor’s email address.

Like this:

#2) Create your own email follow-up sequence.

When people enter their email on your lead capture page, they’re going to get added to your autoresponder list where you can send them emails.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is only setting up a couple of follow-up emails in their autoresponder or writing valueless emails that only pitch.

Most of the time, people need to feel like they know and trust you before they’ll buy something from you. Your email follow-up sequence is your opportunity to do this by leading with value, and helping your target audience in advance.

This is a breakthrough principle called ‘results in advance’.

It’s where you PROVE to people that you can help them, by actually helping them before the exchange of money.

All you have to do is teach people how to do what they want to do, for free and offer your product or service or company as a solution for doing it better, faster or easier.

Ok, so that covers finding what to sell, to whom to sell it to and creating a sales machine to do the work for you, on autopilot.

To find out more about how to successfully run solo ad campaigns, I suggest you take a look at my “Miracles Lifestyle Solo Ads Secrets“. In there, you’ll learn everything from finding solo ad providers, writing amazing blast emails to plugging it into your autoresponder.

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